Welcome from the Academic Advisory Board

Welcome to the website for this future-focused European Conference.

We look forward to hearing from participants working in various disciplines in the humanities, from all regions of Europe, and with very different interests in the Communion of Protestant Churches in Europe (CPCE).

We hope to spark some intensive discussions about the CPCE’s potential and future, as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Leuenberg Agreement. How can Protestant churches act in communion to promote peace, reconciliation and sustainable development in Europe? Where do the relevance and creative potential of the Leuenberg Agreement lie, and of the processes initiated by the Agreement in the context of the present-day realities of church and society in Europe? 

We represent Protestant theology, but we are just as keen to receive ecumenical papers and other constructive perspectives on theology and the Church.

Welcome to Debrecen!

Conference Academic Advisory Board:

  • Professor Dr Sándor Fazakas (Debrecen) fazakass@drhe.hu
  • Professor Dr Thomas-Andreas Põder (Tallinn/Vienna) th-a.poder@leuenberg.eu
  • Professor Dr Miriam Rose, Jena
  • Associate Professor Tron Fagermoen (Oslo)
  • Associate Professor Dr László Gonda (Debrecen)
  • Associate Professor Dr Viktor Gábor Orosz (Budapest)